Head of Design Attends The Devon Business Show 2016!

Yesterday, the @devonbizshow took place with over 150 exhibitors in attendance. The day was great fun for all involved, and provided a great opportunity for HOD to show off it’s new aerial drone videography offering. The exhibition was a perfect opportunity to meet like minded individuals and companies as well as the general public and prospective clients. Being the first networking exhibition that HOD has attended for a long time, it felt great to get ‘out there’ and mingle with so many other great businesses.

HOD took part in many of the competitions that companies had put on. PCH Manufacturing had the Fifa Euro 2016 France Football competition (which we didn't do very well in!). Start Point Finance had Buckaroo; a game we hadn't played since childhood! HOD ended up winning the champagne, so we will be saving that for a special occasion. (Thank you to Tim and the team!)

The stand opposite ours was Marjon University, and they had a BATAK machine that was a test of reflexes and surprisingly, stamina. With HOD achieving the highest score overall of 96, we won two months free gym membership! (If you would like to see our MD Lewis hitting the high score the just click play on the video below)

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