The Ship – Spirit of Enterprise Business Expo 2016

The Spirit of Enterprise event at The Ship took place here in Plymouth last week. There were over 70 exhibitors, 1200m of exhibition space, educational workshops and more! The day started with a warm welcome at 07:30, with opening talks from recognisable business figures from in and a around Plymouth. (There was also bacon baps, croissants and coffee galore!)


The Ship building used to be owned by Western Morning News, and is now owned by Thrive Hubs. The Thrive business is all about helping, supporting and linking businesses, and Head of Design are proud to work closely alongside the Thrive Team.

As we arrived that morning, it was as if The Ship building was made for Thrive Hubs to be at home there. The original pillars are all blue (the Thrive corporate branding colours), and as you look at The Ship at night, the LED’s and internal lighting give off an aura of blue into the night sky.

thrive hubs with head of design

The Ship – “Spirit of Enterprise” is a striking building that gets it’s name from it’s shape, and if you haven’t seen it, then check out the photographs at the bottom of this article; it is well worth a look! The HOD team had been before, but it was great to see the building full of enterprise, talent and like minded individuals. The bridge of “The Ship” is a boardroom with views out across to Plymouth Sound, Dartmoor and beyond. Wine and soft drinks were offered to the businesses at 16:00, and when you’ve been at an expo from 7:30 in the morning, it is a very warm welcomed occasion!

The day was a great success, and here at Head of Design, we were glad to have been a part of the first proper networking event held by G & T Events held both here in Plymouth, and at The Ship. It was great to catch up with familiar faces, both old and new, and we must thank Paul from Sir Fix-A-Lot for sharing the heater that was next to his stand! With the weather being how it has been for the last couple of weeks, it was not the warmest of days!

Mike Turner and Sarah Gilbertson and their team from G & T Events did a fantastic job of hosting the day, and here at Head of Design we will definitely be looking forward to the next one!

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